Held an exective board meeting

JH2A held its 6th board meeting on Friday, May 26th at Hotel New Otani. 1st item: Employee joining and membership, 2nd item: 2022 business report and financial statements, 3rd item: Appointment of steering committee members, 4th item: Committee chairman Seven items for deliberation: appointment, 5th item: establishment/amendment of internal regulations, 6th item: approval of income and expenditure budget (revised), 7th item: holding a general meeting of members, has been approved.

12 new companies and organizations were approved to join. We have established overseas travel expense regulations as internal regulations. In addition, we will provide a review of each committee's activities in 2022, as well as the outline of plans and policy recommendations for 2023. We received instructions regarding our activities from all the directors. We will reflect this clearly in the council's activities. Thank you for your continued support and guidance.