OAPEC-JCCP Symposiumに登壇しました

JH2Aは6月25(火)~26日(水)に、サウジアラビア・リヤドで開催された、「Pathways to Reduce Carbon emissions in the Petroleum Downstream Industries」に登壇しました。当イベントはこれまで技術カンファレンスとして5回開催されていましたが、今回、OAPEC(アラブ石油輸出国機構)からJCCPに依頼があり、サウジアラビアエネルギー省との連携で6回目が実施されました(前回は2019年)。

JH2Aからは、「JH2A Activities to Realize a Hydrogen Society」と題し、日本の水素協議会の責務、サプライチェーンの在り方、日本の活動や技術、最新の自治体・企業活動状況など、幅広い観点でご説明しました。

DAY ONE: Tuesday,25 June 2024


Session I: Modern Technologies & Success Stories of Carbon Emissions Reduction
Chairperson: Dr. Katsuhiro Nishizawa, Toyo Engineering Corporation

  1. Advancing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Globally: Status and Potential for Emission Reduction <Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abu Zahra, Head of Middle East and Africa (MEA) Region- Global CCS Institute>
  2. Multi Pathway Approach for Carbon Neutral <Mr. Nobuyuki Takemura, Middle East Office Chief Representative, Middle East Div, Toyota Motor Corporation>
  3. Toward Carbon Neutrality International Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chains <Mr. Eiichiro Miyazoe, Managing Director, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Middle East FZE,Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD.>
  4. JH2A Activities to Realize a Hydrogen Society <Mr. Kazuki Yamamura, General manager, Japan Hydrogen Association>
  5. Opportunities and challenges for carbon dioxide removals (CDRs) in Saudi Arabia <Dr. Naser Odeh, The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center(KAPSARC)>

Session II: The Role of Renewable fuel & Scientific Research in Reducing Carbon Emissions in downstream industries
Chairperson: Eng. Imad Makki -OAPEC

  1. e-fuel Production Technologies for Energy transition <Dr. Katsuhiro Nishizawa, Deputy Division Director, Carbon Neutral Division and General Manager, Value Chain & Business Investment Department, Toyo Engineering Corporation>
  2. The Need for Collaboration to Accelerate Carbon Emission Mitigation and Achieve CCUS Goals <Dr. Faisal Al-Humaidan and Dr. Mamun Halabi- KISR- Kuwait>
  3. Carbon-Neutral Transformation of Crude Oil and Low-Grade Refining Streams to Specialty Products <Prof .Dr. Wael Ahmed Ismail Elmoslimany, Arabian Gulf University. Bahrain>
  4. CO2 Capturing Techniques with a focus on our New Supercritical Capturing Method <Dr. Rehab El Maghraby, Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering- Suez University. Egypt>

Session III: The Role of Energy Efficiency in Reducing Carbon Emissions in Petroleum Downstream Industries
Chairperson: Prof .Dr. Wael Ahmed Ismail Elmoslimany

  1. Adoption of Energy Efficient Technology and Best Practices to Reduce Energy Usage and carbon emissions at KNPC- MAB Refinery. <Eng. Fatemah Waheed Abbas Al-Amir, Process Engineer-MAB- KNPC>
  2. Energy efficiency efforts undertaken by SABIC <Eng. Othman Al-Zahrani, SABIC>
  3. The Role of Real-Time Energy Optimizer for Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Operation <Muneef Alshameeri and Mohamed Jaber- Bapco Refining>
  4. Circular Economy in Reducing Carbon Footprint <Eng. Mohammad Alenezi & Eng. Talal Ali – PIC- Kuwait>

DAY TWO: Wednesday, 26 June 2024


Session IV: Panel Discussion: Obstacles of Decarbonization Technologies Expansion, and The Role of Carbon Capture in Hydrogen Economy
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abu Zahra. Global CCS Institute

  1. Integrating Carbon Capture with Hydrogen Production <Mr. Kazunori Koike, Deputy Manager, Process Engineering Department, Project Solutions Center, JGC Corporation>
  2. Current Status, Opportunities and Challenges of Carbon Market <Ms. Kikuko Shinchi, Research Director, Energy and Sustainability Division, Mitsubishi Research Institute>
  3. <Dr. Naser Odeh, The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC)>

Session V: Initiatives and Efforts to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Chairperson: Mr. Kazuki Yamamura

  1. H2 Combustion as clean fuel in crackers, SABIC First Adopter project <Eng.Salem Al-Dahami - Sabic>
  2. E- Furnace 1 st adaptor Projects <Eng. Nasser Al-Dalaan -Sabic>
  3. SONATRACH Energy Transition Projects <Mr Djallal BOUCHENEB - SONATRACH>
  4. Carbon Capture for Steam Crackers <Eng. Omar Badros -Sabic>


Session IV: Initiatives and Efforts to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Chairperson: Dr. Naser Odeh, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC)

  1. Skikda Refinery Flare Gas Recovery <Mr. SASSANE Mohamed Lamine - SONATRACH>
  2. SASREF Decarbonizations Road Map <Mr. Muhammad Al-Shahrani- SASREF>
  3. Vent hydrogen recovery and its utilization <Mr. Abdulaziz bin Talal Malaeb - Sadara>
  4. SAMREF Energy Initiative CO2 Reduction <Mr. Hamed Khalaf & Abdul Rahman Al-Mukhtar- Samref>