Held "4th Wakate Zadankai"

(U35 Young people roundtable discussion)

On November 22nd (Wednesday), we held the 4th Young People's Roundtable Discussion. *This is the second roundtable discussion for young people this year. This year's final session was attended by a total of 46 young employees who discussed "Possible issues and reasons for disseminating hydrogen'' and "What should we do within the next 3 to 5 years to disseminate hydrogen?''

We had a group discussion on "high-priority issues, their reasons, and examples of lawsuits to resolve issues.'' 

The "Expert Wheel'', which was added to the program after the 2nd Young Employee Roundtable, was once again a valuable opportunity for young employees to gain valuable input. 

During each group's final presentation, questions were asked from the neighboring group, and participants discussed their findings and questions from perspectives not found in their own group.

Next year, we will continue to provide opportunities for interaction unique to JH2A, a cross-industry organization, and will also contribute to the networking of young employees who will play the leading role in a hydrogen society.